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O’Connor Legal can assist and advise you on all areas of the operation of your business, including buying and selling a business, litigation and debt recovery. We also specialise in all areas of insolvency law including winding up, voluntary administration and liquidation. We work closely with leading barristers in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.


Buying or selling a residential or commercial property is a big decision and a significant matter for most people. O’Connor Legal offers years of experience with property law in Sydney and have represented both buyers and sellers of property for all legal matters. We cater to all people making property transactions in New South Wales.

Our solicitors can offer assistance with property law in the following ways:

Help you fully understand the issues involved in purchasing or selling property in Australia.
Assistance with buying or selling at public auction/private treaty.
Information about the costs involved (including stamp duty)
Advice for your Contract for Sale
Negotiating terms and conditions for the sale or purchase of property
Advice for meeting lender requirements
Arrange title searches and land enquiries
Help you with settlement and exchange 


O’Connor Legal takes a practical, direct approach to the recovery process to obtain the highest outcome for clients who are owed money by others.  Most debts are able to be collected without recourse to a court hearing and ensure that our clients remain in control. For those that do, however, we are well acquainted with litigation in all courts in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland and the Federal Court of Australia. Our speciality is making the recovery of debts, no matter the size, economically viable and cost-effective. O’Connor Legal will provide ongoing support and assistance to the client throughout the dispute process to ensure the client has an ongoing understanding of their position.

We also provide assistance to clients that have been served with a bankruptcy notice.  Fortunately, with our in-depth understanding of these matters both personal and commercial, we would be pleased to discuss your individual situation and explore your available options.  This may allow us to reach outcome that will satisfy your creditors whilst avoiding bankruptcy.  If a company owes you money, there are provisions in the Corporations Act to take that company to court to make them pay. Alternatively, if you are a company director who has been served with a wind up notice, we would be pleased to assist you in dealing with creditors and representing your company in court.

Our team has experience in handling some of Australia’s largest and most complex litigation, and regularly handles disputes in all major courts and tribunals. Contentious and challenging corporate and commercial disputes are our core business.


A properly drafted will is important. O’Connor Legal can help you plan your estate, obtain a grant of probate and discharge your duties as executor. We provide assistance with the following matters:

Drafting Wills / updating wills
Preparation of Testamentary Trust Wills
Assistance with claims against wills & estates
Defending deceased estates
Administration of legal aspects of estate planning
Applying for Probates
Letters of Administration (in the event that a will is deemed invalid)
Supreme Court estate litigation